Business Confidant

Sometimes what next steps to take in our career or business can be trivial. In the world of uncertainties,  a business owner may find it hard to discuss delicate or new matters with other business owners, others may need support when they organize their own department, or heading into a new business venture and struggling to find direction. It doesn’t matter whether we have been running the business we’ve had for a month, 5 years or 10 years, the challenges will always be there and opportunities often present themselves in the strangest moment.


If you are facing those situations, you need someone whom you can trust, listen to your side of the story, take stock of your situation and have the experience and confidence to tell it to you straight to help you make decisions. Someone who gives you support, guidance and inspiration to take some action to progress your business to the next step or stage. Every business owners need someone to fill this role, a business confidant.


A business confidant is someone who sees you and your business from a holistic perspective and could provide perspective, guidance, encouragement and accountability to help you achieve your success (in business). Business Confidant is a role of mentoring and consultancy designed to help people gain clarity, direction and control for your business that they haven't shared with anyone else. In short, a business confidant is someone you can have a full trust for your businesses.