Investment Climate Indonesia

Indonesia, the country that may be unfamiliar to you in the past, has risen its profile in the last couple of years for its endurance and resilience against the 2008 economic crisis. Known as the rough diamond by some, it is very rich in natural resources and has a large population of around 250 million with a growing middle income, creating a strong domestic demand which acts as its cushion from any outside economic turbulence.


Following that, the living standard and education level have become higher yet the labor cost in Indonesia remains competitive in the region. It is for the above reasons that the country has currently become the alternative if not the most favorite place to invest. As part of growing, the country welcomes funding, expertise and experience from others to flourish in the natural resources rich environment. Depending on the sector of expertise, the reward is normally generous for those who want to to take part. Prior to making the investment decision, a good understanding of the country is a must. This is the role that we  play. We are here for you, to help you make the right decision in investing  into the country. You don't want to miss the boat, with our local knowledge and network, we help you understand Indonesia and assist you in familiarizing yourself with the business culture and environment.